• Passion and excellence
    Calendar 2014– Passion and excellence
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Any Major Dude

Through the band´s numerous live acts they have reached an impressive...

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Passion and excellence – Wallpaper

More than just connectors. We put 35+ years of experience and our passion i...

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Experience Neutrik

New POS-Packaging

The new range of products are presented in an POS (point of sale) packaging...

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Experience Neutrik

20,000 fans

As per June 21, 2012, on 17:38 pm Neutrik has counted 20,000 fans on Facebo...

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Neutrik and the JLB Charlotte Tour 2012

Neutrik and The John Lennon Bus to be featured on Fox News Riising's Wilson...

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Experience Neutrik

opticalCON ADVANCED & powerCON TRUE1

Both the new powerCON TRUE1 and the new generation of the opticalCON ADVANC...

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Experience Neutrik

More than 15,000 fans

As per January 12, 2012, on 16:38 pm Neutrik has counted 15,000 fans on Fac...

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Experience Neutrik

Be part of the Neutrik insignia campaign.

Driven by feedback of our customers, Neutrik has been improving on existing...

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Experience Neutrik

R.I.P. Steve Lee, 1963 - 2010

Steve was so severely injured that he was pronounced dead at the scene afte...

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Union Bands

A twelve-time state champion, and nine-time Bands of America Grand National...

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The Grand Voice

In spring 2012 it was the Grand Voice which got four people together to sta...

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"KIN describes the traditional name of the sun in the Mayan culture. We are...

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This is Chello

Already very soon he discovered the love for music. It already started with...