• Passion and excellence
    Calendar 2014– Passion and excellence
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The Bochabela String Orchestra

The Bochabela String Orchestra in Feldkirch. Classic Tones in combination ...

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The Beauty of Gemina has been welcomed to the relevant scene at the latest ...

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Experience Neutrik

Calendar 2014 – Passion and excellence

More than just connectors. We put 35+ years of experience and our passion i...

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Featured Products

AHB2 High-Resolution Power Amplifier by Benchmark

The AHB2 stereo power amplifier introduces groundbreaking advances in power...

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Featured Products

GLX-D Digital Wireless System by Shure

Revolutionary Shure GLX-D Digital Wireless Systems combine leading-edge LIN...

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Featured Products

ProPlex by TMB

The new ProPlex multiple-format, copper/fibre data distribution systems off...

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Featured Products

Watson Power Management by Leprecon

Watson switches off power to LED lighting fixtures when they are not in use...

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Featured Products

Anya by EAW

Anya is a complex system comprising acoustical, electrical, mechanical and ...

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Featured Products

RAVEN MTX Workstation by Slate Pro Audio

The RAVEN MTX is a state of the art touch screen display featuring the RAVE...

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Featured Products

Wave Division Multiplexer by FiberPlex Technologies

FiberPlex Technologies’ Active Wave Division Multiplexer (WDM16) is d...

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Featured Products

1073 DMP Mic Pre by BAE Audio

The BAE Audio 1073 DMP Portable Mic Pre features the same pre-amp and the s...

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Featured Products

Pacifica by A-Designs Audio, Inc.

The A-Designs Audio Pacifica harkens back to the golden age of recording, w...

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Featured Products

Ashly Audio, Inc.

Ashly Audio’s nX Series Amplifiers deliver up to 12,000 Watts of clea...

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Experience Neutrik

The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus on tour

A professional recording studio makes its way through Europe. For many year...

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Featured Products

ACE Backstage Co Inc

The ACE Backstage 154SLBK Stage Pocket supports the ANSI recommended bend r...

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2 pole 1/4'' professional phone plug, up to 10 mm cable O.D. The profession...

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Adapters (Monitoring Products)

Versatile, pre-wired and ready to use adapters to reliably interlock variou...